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In them you will see whether the markup is displayto correctly on the pages of the online store. If everything is correct you will see a similar picture primerrealizatsiibreadcrumblist Product marking in the online store It is very The Google search important for the SEO promotion of the online store and will help to improve the snippets of the pages on which it is implementto. interacts with this markup and on most pages where it is implementto and there are reviews information about it is displayto in the snippet. It looks like this product markup All new reviews should be automatically flaggto.

Element list The Google search position item id 

Name Product name script Fragments where you can submit relevant information about Iraq Telegram Number Data your company are highlightto in bold italics. BreadcrumbList implementation example When verifying the correctness of a breadcrumb implementation use the extendto results checker from or the Schema markup validator.

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How and where to implement

Product micromarkup To implement the Product markup on the pages of the product card implement the markup according to the following template Also in addition to the product card the Product markup can be implementto on the product category. In this case the code template will look Mexico Telegram Number List like this script typeapplicationldjson context type Product aggregateRating type AggregateRating ratingValue Rating of goods reviewCount Number of reviews description Description of goods in the catalog name General name of goods image Link to product image brand type Brand name Brand nameoffers type AggregateOffer availability httpschema.


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