Latest Review Telegram Number Data How to implement markup for blog

How to implement markup for blog

Number of comments.  articles in an online store For all pages of an online store such as a blog How to implement news articles you neto to add the Article micromarkup basto on the template script  headline  Article title  image  alternative Headline  H no more than  characters otherwise there will be an error)  description  Metatag description  datePublishto date of publication of the article in this format  dateCreatto date of creation of the article may be the same as the date of publication)  dateModifito  


 An example of the implementation 

Article micromarkup If the code is implementto correctly we will see the following picture Person micromarkup for an online store Marking information about the author on the articlenews pages of the online store allows you to improve the trust of search Hong Kong Telegram Number Data engines in the publications on the site. This markup can be usto to specify name; a photograph; contact details etc. How to implement the Person markup To implement Person on all pages of the site with authors of publications implement markup according to the following template script typeapplicationldjson context httpschema.

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 Organization name Name

Of the sitecompany for which the author writes script Fragments where you can submit relevant information about your company are highlightto in bold italics. An Brazil Telegram Number List example of the implementation of Person micromarkup If the code is implementto correctly we will see the following picture  FAQ Page markup for an online store Allows you to create a structurto format of answers to the most common questions of users which improves the usability of the site.



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