Local Business markup includes

 The main types of micromarking for an online store  Local Business.  Article. Person. FAQPage. Micromarkup is applito to the data that is most important  to users and can help improve the quality of search results and conversion. Let’s consider each of them.  Local Business markup  data that describes your business name; address. Break large groups into more relevant ones. Basto on search queries optimize ads and landing pages. Add new keywords and negative keywords to lists. Analyze user behavior and specify advertising offers. Types of keywords in Google Ads


 How to Local Business implement  Local

Business markup for an online store Open the HTML code of the page on which you want to place the markup. Find the tags add this code between the opening and Denmark Telegram Number Data closing tags script  context httpschema.org type  Local business  url  main page  name  Name of the company briefly its activity  logo  link to the logo  imagean image that characterizes the company’s activityan image that characterizes activity of company

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Postal address id  URL with

Information about the main office  name  Company name  Toponym  addressRegion  Region  addressLocality  City  postal Code  Postal Code  street Germany Telegram Number List Address  Your Company Address  telephone  Your Company Telephone  email  Email of your company  address Country   Point of contact telephone  phone  contactType  customer support opening Hours Specificationtype Opening Hours Specification .



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